Specialist Leader of Education – SLE Recruitment 2019/20


We will be recruiting SLEs in the Autumn Term 2019/20 – further details will be communicated in September.


liz@everyonelearning.co.uk  or K.Morrison@mossleyhollins.com 


The everyonelearning@ and Mossley Partnership TSA’s are recruiting

Primary, Secondary and Special School SLE’s.


Are you an experienced Middle or Senior Leader who is interested in supporting leaders in other schools in either Primary, Secondary or Special School SEND, Maths, English and Science?

Have you thought about becoming a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE)?


Do you have the following?


       A successful track record of working effectively within your own school and/or across other schools, or working with a range of leaders within a single  school.

       Evidence of successfully using coaching and or facilitation skills to bring about sustainable improvements.

       Excellent communication skills.

       An understanding of what constitutes ‘outstanding’ in your field of expertise and the ability and confidence to communicate this.

       An understanding of how your specialism and skills can contribute to wider school improvement goals.

       An analytical approach in identifying and prioritising needs.

       The ability to set and establish new and innovative working practices.

       The ability to grow a leadership capacity in others.


Application forms are available by emailing info@everyonelearning.co.uk

Please indicate on your application form which TSA you would like to be designated through.


SLE Guidance

SLE Application Form